Sacred Spaces

Devika Pathak
2 min readJan 19, 2021

Have you ever stepped into a space and suddenly felt like the world had tilted a little bit more on its axis? Through our lives, there are certain spaces we are allowed access to and others that are considered sacred. Spaces where you don’t belong or maybe just never thought to. What makes these spaces so unique and yet so tied together? I thought about all the spaces I had stepped into and felt foreign. When you start to think about why these spaces have this effect, I find that the reasons range from intimacy and expectations to privilege and expertise.

  • Standing in front of a classroom or even large group of people
  • Behind a bar, serving someone a drink
  • On the other side of your neighbour’s door
  • The spot where your mother sat while knitting and is now warm and soft
  • The most comfortable seat on the sofa
  • Your boss’s chair or even taking a walk behind their desk
  • Your partner’s room, the first time you visit
  • Anyone’s unmade bed
  • The front of the line
  • Being close enough to someone you don’t know that well that you can smell their perfume
  • Someone’s bedroom when they aren’t in it
  • Behind the counter at a store
  • A party where you don’t know anyone that well and are suddenly by yourself in a crowded room
  • In direct contact with a piece of art.



Devika Pathak

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